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Web Help Desk

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Easy-to-Use, Feature-Rich, and Intuitive!

  • Simplified ticketing & service request management
  • Email-to-ticket conversion automation
  • Easy-to-use service request Web portal for end-users
  • SLA breach notifications and email alerts
  • Built-in Knowledge Base for FAQs and self-service
  • Active Directory® and LDAP authentication
  • Available for Windows®, Linux®, and Mac OS® X platforms


Free help desk software from Web Help Desk simplifies ticketing management, helps automate help desk tasks, and saves a ton of time for IT technicians and support staff. From one single, centralized help desk management Web interface, you can now manage all end-user trouble tickets and track service request lifecycle from ticket creation to resolution.


  • Ticket management for issue tracking and service request fulfilment
  • Intuitive service request & self-service portal for end-users
  • Automatic email-to-ticket conversion (including attachments)
  • Automated ticket routing & assignment based on technician's skill set, availability, location, department, & work load
  • Load balancing of ticket assignment
  • Parent/child relationships: Link “Incidents" to “Problem" ticket
  • Quick ticket creation templates
  • Bulk Ticket Updates
  • Unlimited user-defined fields for dynamic ticket forms
  • Configure multiple inbound email addresses
  • Import Tickets (CSV or TSV)
  • Export Tickets (TSV or PDF, built-in PDF generator)
  • Active Directory® & LDAP synchronization

Web Help Desk includes a built-in extensive, searchable, and easy-to-use knowledge base. IT Technicians can create FAQ articles and let Web Help Desk display them to your help desk end-users as they enter their service requests into the Web portal. This allows you to promote self-resolution options for your end-users and help reduce the number of in-bound service requests.


  • Service guidance – related FAQs & tool tips
  • File attachments and rich text with hyperlinks
  • One-click knowledge base article creation
  • Approval management for knowledge base manager
  • Distinguish FAQ access for customers and technicians
  • Nested category and keyword-based search criteria
  • Import FAQs (CSV or TSV)

Prevent your SLAs from falling through the cracks. Whether your team is outlasting the SLA clock or awaiting an end user’s response, Web Help Desk free help desk software tracks service ticket lifespan from cradle to grave. Key performance indicators and custom reports allow you to pinpoint bottlenecks, promoting efficiency and automation.


  • Custom alerts as SLA breach approaches
  • SLA escalation email notifications and color alerts
  • SLA reminder escalation email notifications
  • Non-SLA impacting ticket status configuration
  • Time tracking throughout ticket life-cycle

Web Help Desk provides as easy-to-use platform to communicate with your help desk end-users. Benefit from two-way email correspondence between technician and customers, prompt email & SMS alerts, and escalations. With the help of built-in help desk reporting engine in free help desk software, you can monitor technician performance, ticket status and service fulfilment indicators.


  • Two-Way email correspondence integration:
    • Add ticket note directly from email
    • Change ticket status from email
    • Reassign ticket directly from email
  • Email to ticket conversion (including attachments)
  • Email and SMS text message notifications
  • Configure multiple inbound email addresses
  • Customize email and SMS messages


  • Report Writer helps generate intuitive charts and graphs
  • Monitor technician performance with reports and identify bottlenecks
  • Automate and schedule delivery of reports via email
  • Export Reports (TSV or PDF, built-in PDF generator)