Online Ticketing System

Take IT support to the next level with Web Help Desk

Every organization has unique IT requirements. With a centralized online ticketing system, organizations of all types and sizes can easily manage and track IT support tasks to improve their support team’s efficiency. It also provides a robust platform for end-users to communicate with IT support without using email, phone, or chat. IT admins save time and effort by correlating support requests from a single console, where they are easily prioritized and resolved.

Benefits of an online ticketing system

A centralized online ticketing system delivers a range of benefits that include:

  • Savings on hardware and deployment costs.
  • Very little maintenance.
  • Easily scalable with organizational and end-user growth.
  • Centralized ticketing and service request management.
  • Improved productivity and faster service delivery.
  • No additional software requirements.

Web Help Desk

Centralized Online Ticketing System

  • Easy-to-use, Web-based user interface simplifies help desk support.
  • Deliver exceptional ticket resolution with faster turnaround time.
  • Flexible deployment options available: on-premises and Cloud editions.
On-premiseCloud Edition

Fully functional for 30 days

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Automate help desk tasks with a robust ticketing system

An online ticketing system allows IT pros to spend more time delivering quality support to end-users. It reduces the need for manual intervention by automating help desk ticketing activities, such as creating support tickets from emails, assigning tickets to technicians, grouping multiple tickets into categories, etc. It automatically organizes and prioritizes tickets based on customizable business logic, allowing help desk admins to deliver exceptional customer service to end-users.

An online ticketing system doesn’t require any software to be installed separately. Technicians and end-users can access its Web-based interface via browsers anywhere, anytime.

Web-based Online Ticketing System

Ticketing Dashboard in Web Help Desk

How Web Help Desk can help

Web Help Desk® is a robust, easy-to-use, and affordable online ticketing system that lets IT pros centrally manage and track all their help desk tickets online. Its intuitive and user-friendly Web interface simplifies help desk management from ticket creation to closure—all from a single console. It also integrates IT asset management, change management, self-service knowledge base, SLA management, and performance reporting to automate help desk support and deliver faster responses to end-users.

Web Help Desk offers flexible deployment modes, and is available in on-premise and Cloud-hosted editions. Both editions offer a Web-based user interface that helps IT support teams easily manage tickets online.

Benefits of On-premise edition Benefits of Cloud edition
Based on your specific IT needs, you can customize and deploy Web Help Desk’s on-premise software in your own datacenter. It is available for Windows®, Linux® and Mac OS® X platforms. It can also be deployed in virtual environments, such as VMware® and Hyper-V®. Web Help Desk is available as a SaaS-hosted service for organizations that require a plug-and-play help desk system. It has the same features as the on-premise edition, and is delivered in a subscription-based licensing model.

Fully functional for 30 days

Cloud Edition

Fully functional for 30 days