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Web Help Desk Datasheet

Find out how Web Help Desk can help IT teams help simplify ticketing management and IT asset management. This datasheet will provide high-level overview all the major capabilities of Web Help Desk.
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Case Studies

Web Help Desk Case Studies

Lean how Web Help Desk helped organizations (private, public, government, MSPs) overcome their IT service management and support challenges. Read about the ROI benefits and cost savings achieved by IT teams after using Web Help Desk.
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White Papers

Opportunities for Healthcare Support Centers to Prove Their Value

Explore how support centers function in the healthcare industry, what metrics they measure, and what channels & technologies are used for tech support.
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The Art of Organizing & Simplifying IT Support

Find out how IT pros can save time in managing help desk tickets and support tasks. Learn some easy and effective ways to allow IT pros to simplify the manual and time-consuming process of providing IT support to end-users.
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Understanding the Need for a Help Desk Solution

Learn how to select the right help desk solution for your organization and improve the efficiency of your customer support process.
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Improving Efficiency & Customer Service in Higher Education

Find out how educational institutions and businesses deal with customer service and, and how they can effectively improve customer service, reduce costs, and increase efficiency for technical support.
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The State of Unassisted Support: 2014

Learn how to lower service delivery costs with the help of online knowledge base and search tools, and help your end-users help themselves.
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Desktop Support: Managing Ticket Volume Under Pressure

Find out how to manage the pressure of handing support tickets that are on the rise. This paper will help IT admins and support staff understand how to deal with growing ticket volume.
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Introduction to Web Help Desk: Product Overview

Is your current help desk solution cumbersome and time consuming? Watch this short video to learn how SolarWinds Web Help Desk can streamline your incident management and IT asset management process.
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IT Asset Management with Web Help Desk

Web Help Desk allows you to discover, manage and report on IT assets. Find out how you can discover and add assets to Web Help Desk and update the asset inventory. Learn about the out-of-the-box and customizable asset reports.
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SolarWinds Help Desk Essentials: Product Overview

Help Desk Essentials is the 2-in-1 combination of Web Help Desk and DameWare Remote Support that allows you to both manage and resolve service requests faster! Learn how to simplify IT service management.
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Launch DameWare Remote Session from Web Help Desk

Learn how to launch a DameWare remote session directly from the IT tickets and IT asset inventory in Web Help Desk. You can also save remote session metadata back to the IT tickets in Web Help Desk.
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How to Use Parent-Child Ticket Relationships in Web Help Desk

With the help of flexible and customizable Parent-Child relationships for tickets, Web Help Desk simplifies management of recurring tasks such as employee onboarding or termination, and IT projects such as new infrastructure setup or migration.
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Improving End-User Satisfaction with Help Desk Management Tools

Find out how you can improve end-user satisfaction in your IT support process. This involves both managing service requests via the help desk and resolving support tickets with the help of remote support tools.
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Best Practices for Managing Your IT Help Desk

Learn some best practices and tips for managing your help desk and improving the efficiency of your IT support process.
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    5 Ways to Impress Your Technical Support Customers

    Find out how to understand your customers’ preferences & expectations, and find out how to WOW them with timely support & resolution.
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    Desktop Support Tickets on the Rise

    Is your IT department or help desk under constant pressure to cut costs and make tradeoffs that don’t include lowering the level of service?
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    Managing Your Help Desk - The Hard Way or the Easy Way?

    How would you like to manage your ticketing process? Find out how you can streamline and accelerate your ticketing process—from request to resolution.
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    2 Ways to Run a Help Desk

    Find out how the combination of help desk and remote support software will help you manage your IT support process more efficiently and improve productivity.
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Product Training

Web Help Desk – Configuration

  • Understanding Web Help Desk Workflow and Logic
  • Using LDAP Connections
  • Setup Tips and Best Practice
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Web Help Desk – Use Case Deep Dive

  • Configuring and Using Change Management
  • Unique Use Cases
  • Getting the Most Out of Automation
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Technical Product Manuals

Quick Start & Eval Guide
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Release Notes
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