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Customer service is at the forefront of all service and support centers. The faster and the more effective the service, the better the customer satisfaction. Regardless of what type of organization it is, customer support is important – whether it is catering to internal end-users or an external client.

The primary challenge with respect to customer service is achieving low time-to-resolution and high effectiveness of delivery. Say, technician A resolves a ticket in 1 hour and technician B in 2 hours. What matters is not only how soon the issue was resolved, but how effectively it was done. If the issue resolved by technician A recurs in time when compared to the permanent fix by technician B, the customer satisfaction would be high in the latter case.

To understand all of this – who solved what ticket, how much time it takes to resolve tickets, what the history of tickets for an asset or customer are, etc. – you need to have an efficient customer service software. Typically, a comprehensive help desk software assists you by centralizing and automating the ticketing process, and providing metrics and reports to measure technician performance and customer satisfaction. In the support business, it is all about delighting your customers with faster and quality service delivery.

Web Help Desk

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service & Delight Your Customers

  • Streamline help desk operations and accelerate IT support
  • Improve communication between customers and IT technicians
  • Save time with ticket management and focus on ticket resolution

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  1. Benefits of Customer Service Software

    Customer service or support software allows IT teams for simplify the way they handle and manage IT tickets. With customizable automation to expedite ticket assignment, ticket routing, manual repetitive help desk tasks, support teams can realize significant time savings, and focus more on ticket resolution rather than ticket management and tracking. Customer support software enables you to:

    • Accelerate the speed of service delivery
    • Better manage IT tickets and streamline operations
    • Automate help desk tasks and save manual time and efforts
    • Monitor help desk metrics and technician performance
    • Contribute to improved customer satisfaction

  2. Improve Customer Support with Web Help Desk®

    Web Help Desk enables you to deliver seamless IT service management and improve the quality of customer support. With built-in features including ticket management, IT asset management, change management, knowledge base, etc.

    • Simplified and streamlined ticketing management – from ticket creation to resolution
    • Automated IT asset discovery, tracking and reporting
    • Flexible and extensible knowledge base for providing customer self-help options
    • Customizable change approval workflows
    • Intuitive reporting dashboards to monitor technician performance & track ticket status
    • Built-in survey engine to invite customer feedback and evaluate customer satisfaction

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