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Promote self-service with a robust knowledge base

Knowledge base system for IT help desk

Promote self-service with a robust knowledge base

Responding to repetitive, run-of-the-mill questions takes up valuable time that could be spent working on new or more complicated issues. Leveraging the built-in, searchable, and easy-to-use knowledge base enables IT support staff to create and maintain FAQ articles directly from a ticket and make them available to end-users. Providing this resource can help limit the number of inbound service requests, frees the IT support agent from ticket overhead management, and allows users to quickly find the answers to the most common issues when they need them.

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Seamlessly integrates into your IT infrastructure


Seamlessly integrates into your IT infrastructure

With each passing semester, students, faculty, and staff come and go. Among the many challenges this dynamic presents is the need to ensure the right individuals are granted access to the ticketing system to manage their support needs. Leveraging help desk software that can synchronize with your LDAP or AD server brings added efficiency to the process of onboarding new end users and supports SSO capabilities for improved end-user experience.

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Simplify IT asset management

Help desk hardware and software asset management

Simplify IT asset management

Discovering, managing, and tracking IT-related assets presents endless challenges for IT support teams. But in the academic setting, where assets take the form of projectors, cameras, and any level of instrumentation an engineering student needs, this challenge can be compounded. Without integrated help desk asset tracking, both single-site institutions and those with multiple campuses face numerous difficulties when providing support. Tracking down missing details on IT parts and billings, recalls, system updates, scheduling replacements, or managing asset reservations can present a massive time and resource burden on support staff that is already stretched thin. The lack of unified history on an asset creates unnecessary increases in overhead and delays.

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Achieve higher levels of support

Help desk software for small and medium-sized business

Achieve higher levels of support

Without a dashboard, it is hard to quickly evaluate a team’s performance, productivity, and workload. Manually generating reports can take time managers may not have. Being able to see trends as they are developing, or over time, can assist teams in deploying resources and identifying systemic problems and issues. A centralized dashboard improves communication between end-users and IT support pros and enables management to confidently pinpoint where additional training is needed, or which end-user self-service tools could be expanded.

Automate ticket tracking and prioritization

Ticket management system to automate help desk support

Automate ticket tracking and prioritization

Fully resolving tickets without clearly identifiable status tracking is very difficult to consistently do in a timely manner. Without the time saving made possible by automated prioritization and workflow-driven stages, agent time is consumed by repeatedly identifying and managing a ticket's status or priority. Lost, escalated, forwarded, and aging requests are key issues that regularly lead to decreased success in resolving requests. Reduced time spent directly managing tickets increases the number of people each IT support team member can assist.

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"Invaluable tool to running our schools! There are several good things about this program. First, the ability to keep track of problems. This cannot be underestimated across two buildings with hundreds of laptops and other equipment. Second, the ability to maintain open dialogue with clients who need repairs. Third, the ability to sort issues by client, room, or situations and see the history of a problem, or a problem user."

Emmanuel Hill
Systems Administrator
Our World Neighborhood Charter School

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