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Centralized and easy to use for educational institutions

The IT support centers in educational institutions—schools, colleges, and universities—face unique operational challenges due to the distributed nature of their sites and their need to support a growing student and faculty base. The ratio of IT staff to customers is becoming smaller which greatly impacts time of service delivery and the quality of service. In addition, without a centralized ticketing management system, it is very arduous to receive and manage service requests from disparate sources such as email, chat, phone, and in-person requests.

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  1. Overcoming customer support challenges in educational institutions

    Limited IT staff vs. growing tickets and customers to support

    One of the main challenges for the education sector is cost-effectively supporting students and faculty across various sites. An ideal scenario for support centers at educational institutions is to focus on achieving higher operational efficiency by automating processes and managing service support better and ensuring that IT pros have more time for actual support and issue resolution.

    Source: HDI Research Brief Improving Efficiency & Customer Service in Higher Education

  2. Helping students and faculty help themselves

    By maintaining a knowledge repository integrated into the help desk,

    • IT teams are able to add tech tips, FAQs, and KB articles for centralized knowledge management
    • End-users have more options for self-service/self-resolution from FAQs and self-service tips that are dynamically shown as self-resolution options in the ticketing portal

Customer support made easier and centralized

The IT support departments at many schools, colleges, and universities don’t have a centralized ticket management system. End-users rely on disparate resources for contacting and interacting with the support team such as phone, chat, email, and in-person requests. This makes it difficult for IT teams to accurately log tickets, normalize data collected in different formats to the ticketing system, and work on the tickets.

  • Using a centralized help desk software that streamlines ticketing management from service request to resolution would help IT support teams in the education industry enjoy a more efficient support and ticketing process. In addition to improved ticketing methods, a centralized help desk software provides various automation options to simplify all manual and repetitive tasks.
  • Time saved in managing tickets equals time gained for ticket resolution.

How Web Help Desk supports educational institutions

Web Help Desk is an easy-to-use and affordable IT help desk software for K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. Web Help Desk enables you to:

  • Deliver on-time support to students and faculty on your campuses
  • Establish seamless communication between end-users and IT pros via a centralized Web interface
  • Build a knowledge base to provide self-resolution options to students and other IT end-users
  • Discover and manage all IT assets at all your sites and campuses
  • Save considerable time managing tickets and have more time for actual support tasks
  • Improve the productivity and quality of customer support

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