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Quality customer service and effective budget allocation have always been top priorities for IT teams and support centers in government and federal organizations. Public sector departments face on-going challenges in these areas and it directly impacts civilians and the customer service they receive. This includes various components of government IT infrastructures and operations, including websites, availability of IT systems, and network connectivity in government offices. These IT entities are essential for offering timely and quality services to the public in various fields such as healthcare, defense, finance, administration, etc. All service outages and performance issues must be immediately resolved and services restored.

Considering the IT budget constraints in government agencies, it is imperative that they have a low-cost, high-performance customer support software that allows IT teams to fix issues faster for end-users and ensure uninterrupted business operations and public service.

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Streamlining service delivery and improving customer service

According to a bill passed by the US Government in 2011, there is a definitive need for continuous improvement among government agencies to ensure competent and efficient customer support. The bill, named Executive Order 13571 - Streamlining Service Delivery and Improving Customer Service, stresses that government organizations must strive to meet or exceed the rising expectations for quality customer service.

To meet the guidelines outlined in the bill, a main objective of government entities is to identify ways to use innovative technologies to lower costs and reduce service delivery times while improving the customer experience.

Improve customer experience with customer support software

Customer support software is a fully-integrated ticketing and IT asset management system that allows support centers in federal agencies to simplify and automate the service request fulfillment process for end-users. A customer support help desk software allows IT teams to

  • Centralize ticketing management from request to resolution
  • Automate manual and repetitive tasks
  • Streamline service management workflows
  • Manage inventory of IT assets and change requests
  • Provide support for customer self-service with the help of knowledge base

Lower cost and service delivery time

Web Help Desk is a customer support software that allows agencies to seamlessly bridge the gap between customers and support teams. Web Help Desk offers a Web-based, central solution that is intuitive and user-friendly for both support teams and end-users.

Eliminating the need to use complex workarounds such as spreadsheets and email, Web Help Desk’s automated ticketing functionality saves a considerable amount of time for IT pros. You can now focus on actual issue resolution instead of manually managing tickets. This significantly lowers service delivery time and improves customer satisfaction.

Available at a cost that is well within government agencies’ IT budgets, Web Help Desk helps you save money and realize higher ROI. 

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