Hardware Inventory Management

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It is important for all businesses—large or small—to track and manage the hardware devices in their IT infrastructure. Organizations have to perform hardware inventory audits on a regular basis to keep track of all their computer assets and other hardware devices on the network.

This is a complex and time-consuming task when you need to manually audit all your devices and manage their details, including serial numbers, warranty information, etc. It is also not convenient to maintain all the asset data in spreadsheets or documents. By automating hardware inventory management, you can:

  • Easily discover hardware computer assets in your network.
  • Quickly search your hardware inventory to find required asset information—location, client assignment, model, etc.
  • Automatically track and manage hardware assets throughout their lifecycles.
  • Keep track of service requests received for hardware assets.
  • Enhance technical support and assistance by accessing hardware details instantly.

Web Help Desk

Centralized hardware inventory management

  • Web-based user interface automates hardware asset discovery and management.
  • Link help desk tickets with hardware assets and track asset history.
  • Manage both hardware and software assets from a single console.
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  1. Keep your hardware inventory up to date

    IT asset management entails managing both hardware and software inventory in your IT infrastructure, and keeping it up to date with information about your assets, including location, client assignment, purchase history, warranty info, vendor details, and configurations. Without an updated record of your assets, you could be manually sorting through paper records, purchase orders, spreadsheets, etc. to find the inventory information you need. These time-consuming activities keep you away from important IT administration tasks.

    Deploying a centralized hardware inventory management software lets you discover and manage hardware devices in your network without leaving your desk. It helps you automate hardware asset management, keep hardware inventory up to date, and save valuable time.

  2. How Web Help Desk can help

    SolarWinds® Web Help Desk® is a robust, easy-to-use, and affordable ticketing and IT asset management software. It allows you to efficiently discover, manage, and track all hardware and software assets. Using built-in Windows® Management Instrumentation (WMI), you can automatically discover computer assets (desktops, laptops, servers) in your network, as well as capture your configurations, installed software, and hardware peripherals. Web Help Desk allows you to:

    • Schedule automated IT discovery to find computer assets.
    • Link help desk tickets with hardware assets to track their history of service requests and trouble tickets.
    • Centrally maintain device information, including hardware serial number, asset location, warranty expiration, purchase order, maintenance logs, etc.
    • From a single console, manage both hardware devices and installed software.
    • Import asset inventory from 3rd-party asset discovery tools and network management systems.

    Web Help Desk has a built-in, customizable reporting engine that allows you to customize and generate reports based on your assets’ location, type, current status, purchase date, warranty expiration, and more.

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