Health care customer service software

Reliable IT Help Desk for hospitals

Hospitals are important health care organizations that depend on technology and require immediate support when it comes to technology issues. Most health care devices are connected to the network and IT systems and they always need to be functioning properly. You cannot afford lengthy system outages—especially involving life-sustaining devices.

Customer service software helps keep your IT teams connected with your end-users who are on the front line using the medical equipment for patient care. A good way to improve your customer support service is by making it easy for end-users to contact and interact with you. Your help desk software plays a critical role in your ability to assure timely support services. Help desk software lets you create an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for end-users to request support as well as employ faster methods of assigning and managing service tickets.

Faster IT Support → Timely Health Care Services → Patients Cured and Lives Saved

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Reliable Help Desk and IT asset management

Trust and reliability are important in the health care industry. As patients and families put their trust in doctors and hospitals, the medical staff puts their trust in IT infrastructure and network devices in order to offer timely and superior medical service. It is important to have a help desk system in place that properly tracks and manages IT issues so IT teams at health care institutions can quickly address and resolve issues.

IT asset management (ITAM) is another important function of IT service management that needs to be implemented in hospitals. ITAM enables you to accurately track and manage the inventory of all your IT devices and medical equipment. This helps you ensure that all devices are accounted for and receive the necessary inspections, maintenance, repairs, and updates.

A customer service software that integrates the functionality of ticketing and IT asset management is highly essential in your health care institution so you can accommodate the service and support needs of your organization.

Prompt and transparent communication between IT technicians and end users

In a health care environment, the hospital staff relies heavily on properly functioning IT devices and technology. Your IT staff works hard to keep the IT infrastructure and facilities in good health. Your help desk software is a valuable tool that creates the right platform for both parties to effectively communicate regarding IT support services.

  • End-users can log IT support tickets in the help desk service request portal
  • The help desk software automatically assigns tickets to technicians
  • IT technicians investigate and work on service requests and update end-users about their ticket status and progress via the help desk
  • Once the issue is resolved, the ticket is closed, and the end-user once again receives a status update via the help desk software
  • End-users can use email to send replies, add information to a ticket, ask questions, and provide feedback about the service

This transparent and user-friendly help desk interface facilitates faster communication and speeds up support delivery.

Web Help Desk aligns customer care with health care

Web Help Desk is an easy-to-use and affordable IT help desk software for hospitals, labs, medical centers, and other health care institutions. Web Help Desk enables you to:

  • Deliver on-time support to hospitals and medical staff
  • Discover and manage IT assets and medical equipment in hospitals and labs
  • Dynamically assign, route, and escalate tickets based on customizable business logic
  • Establish seamless communication between end-users and IT technicians
  • Easily manage change request approval processes
  • Improve customer service in health care institutions

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