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  1. Two-Way Email Correspondence

    Inbound emails need no special attention. Web Help Desk supports IMAP, POP and Exchange protocols for inbound e-mail retrieval.

    Eliminate the disconnect between service desk email requests and your ticket tracking. All service submissions and requests captured within the Web Help Desk can be updated by e-mail to add notes, change status, attach files and even reassign to another Technician.

    Customizable email templates in both HTML and plain text formats ensure delivery of your updates and resolutions in a professional presentation. Action links and button images within ticket emails direct and enable end users to add note updates, cancel a ticket, confirm resolution, or take a customer satisfaction survey.

    A simple email reply works too! Web Help Desk can keep the ticket association, add the email content as ticket notes, and remove any quote text so that ticket notes don't become bloated with extraneous or repeat content.

  2. Email – SMS Alerts

    Web Help Desk keeps all of your technicians and clients up to date with e-mail alerts. All new tickets and ticket updates can be e-mailed to the appropriate recipients. Technicians and management can receive SLA alerts when jobs have been left unchecked, unassigned or incomplete for a specified time period.

    No need for your service staff to have expensive mobile devices to assist in the prevention of Service Level Agreement breaches. Virtually any basic SMS enabled mobile device can be utilized to receive Web Help Desk SLA alerts and notifications. With customizable SMS text message templates and delivery rules, Web Help Desk delivers mission critical alerts to ensure customer satisfaction and SLA compliance.

  3. Escalations

    Advance requests quickly and easily. Web Help Desk facilitates improved efficiencies through automatic assignment to specific triage levels or support tiers based on the technician’s skill level, including automated escalation processes tuned to your specific business criteria and policies. And manual ticket escalations to the next tier or to management are merely a click away.

  4. Surveys

    Customer satisfaction surveys can provide the roadmap to efficiency, as well as confirm the source of success in current operations. Web Help Desk's survey functionality allows end users to provide valuable input on service fulfillment. Unique custom survey questionnaires can be automatically selected and delivered based on the type of service requested. Other options include hand selecting the client audience of your choice and manually delivering a specific survey to your client base, such as a quarterly or annual survey.