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Manage and track the full lifecycle of hardware and software assets

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  • Asset Discovery

    Utilize hundreds of hardware and software data points to automate your troubleshooting

  • Hardware & Software

    Manage both hardware and software, and associated tickets and end users.

  • Reservation Desk

    Check In and Check Out loaner assets with ease.

Automate IT Asset Management & IT Inventory Management

  • Keep your IT inventory up to date with automated and scheduled IT asset discovery
  • Manage both hardware and software and their client assignment
  • Link assets to IT tickets, and track asset history and related service requests
  • Track asset purchase orders and set up asset warranty expiration alerts
  • Easily import IT asset inventory from 3rd-party asset discovery tools and network management systems

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Automatic IT Asset Discovery

Simplify IT asset management with automated asset discovery. Discover all your hardware and software assets and keep your IT inventory up to date by scheduling automated asset discovery. Web Help Desk allows you to discover systems based on subnet or IP range with its built-in scanning engine.

You can also discover hardware and software inventory information including hostname, model, serial number, logged-in user, operating system, hard drive, memory, and installed software.

Additionally, Web Help Desk also supports out-of-the-box integration with popular IT Asset Discovery Solutions and provides instant access to associating asset data with service tickets. Asset discovery data from any source can be scheduled to import regularly or on-demand into Web Help Desk.

Web Help Desk supports scheduled synchronization of IT asset data from SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, Server & Application Monitor, and Network Configuration Manager.

  1. Hardware & Software

    Manage both hardware and software and their client assignment; build parent/child relationships between assets to make tracking a snap. Enter asset purchase order information and let Web Help Desk calculate warranty and lease end dates. Define asset types, status, locations, manufacturers and models for simple tracking and comprehensive IT asset management.

    Software license deployment tracking — a must have. How many Word processor licenses does your organization own? How many does it need? Do you really need to order more for the new hires?

    Web Help Desk offers a direct overview of software licensing distributions across your network, including how many license keys of a particular software are in the field versus ready for assignment. Built-in integrations with asset discovery solutions provide the capability to display complete software installations per asset.

  2. Reservation Desk

    Check In and Check Out loaner assets with ease. Rivaling the Dewey Decimal System, Web Help Desk’s Reservation Center allows end users to request a specific time and date range for asset check out. Maybe a teacher needs a rolling AV unit or an employee needs a laptop for a business trip. Easily prevent lost or stolen inventory with our overdue alert feature.

  3. Incident History

    Simplify hardware replacement research per asset. Web Help Desk provides a complete audit trail of service tickets associated to each asset. Assign an “Asset” during ITSM ticket generation, tagged as either an incident, problem, or service request. Each Asset then holds an extensible and searchable timeline and history. Visibility into the Asset’s health provides critical evidence for potentially expensive repairs or replacement plans.

    Ticket history data can provide cost saving evidence, such as depicting a hard drive replacement instead of a full server replacement. Similarly ticket history data may help decision makers recognize that it is actually end user error contributing to the perception of a "troubled Asset.”

  4. End User Ownership

    Allow end users to link service requests with physical assets. Associating an ITSM ticket with an Asset is easy — Web Help Desk allows you to assign one or more people to a piece of hardware. When an ITSM ticket is created by either an end user having trouble or by IT personnel taking a call, a list of the end user's assigned assets is revealed. This end user ownership feature promotes help desk efficiencies and cost saving business decisions throughout the entire asset lifecycle, thus simplifying IT asset management.

  5. Asset Relationships

    An asset is rarely a mutually exclusive, stand alone box of technology. Assets can have peripherals, software, parts, and connections with other assets. Establishing parent-child relationships between assets within Web Help Desk provides an distinct matrix of inputs and associations that can provide visibility into the entire ripple-effect impact that may be created from an incident with a single asset. Automate & centralize IT asset management with Web Help Desk.

  6. Warranty & Lease Alerts

    Prevent unexpected expirations every time. Web Help Desk provides Warranty information at a glance. The Warranty Expiration Date is automatically calculated and email alerts are configured to ping management; providing ample time for making business decisions. Our Lease Expiration Date Alerts ensure that your budget proposals are encompassing and accurate.

    The lease contract on a piece of hardware is due for renewal, but it slipped your mind for the budget. What now? Lease Expiration Date Alerts available in Web Help Desk ensure that your budget proposals are encompassing and accurate. IT asset management simplified with Web Help Desk!

  7. IT Asset Reporting

    Web Help Desk allows you to generate asset reports and get information based on location, department, asset type, asset status, purchase and warranty dates, and more.

    • Understand usage of devices in various locations
    • View warranty status of devices and other assets
    • Identify most problematic assets in inventory
    • Report on reserved assets that are overdue
    • See purchase history for your offices and departments

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