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  • Incident Management

    Streamline help desk ticket resolution through the entire lifecycle and simplify IT service request management.

  • Dashboards

    Track performance in real-time.

  • Custom Web Forms

    Custom Web FormsDynamic, custom forms *pull* critical information from end users.

  • Action Rules

    Business based action rules increase your team's efficiencies through automation.

  • SLA Alerts

    Prevent loss of customer satisfaction related to SLA due dates falling off the radar.

  • Reporting

    Robust graphic performance reporting tools ensure the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  • Time & Materials

    Track labor, travel, and materials required during service fulfillment.

  • Change Management

    Manage change control through automated approval work flow.

Overview List of ITSM Ticketing Features:
Email-to-Ticket Conversion Customer Web Portal
  Active Directory Authentication   LDAP Authentication  
  Custom Dynamic Forms   Quick Ticket Templates  
  Auto Ticket Routing   Assignment Load Balancing  
  Parent/Child Ticket Links   Multi-department Task Mgmt.  
  Service Catalog   Link Incidences with Problems  
  Complete Audit Trail   Work Time Tracking  
  iPhone App   Webkit Supported Web App  
  SLA Alerts   SMS Alerts  
  E-Mail Updates   Knowledge Base Links  
  Ticket-to-Asset Associations   Multi-tier Task Fulfillment  
  iCalendar Subscriptions   Performance Reporting  
  Billing Reporting   Data Import Tools  

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Incident & Problem Management

Streamline help desk ticket resolution through the entire lifecycle and simplify IT service request management. Arm your technicians with the ITSM incident diagnostics and ticket routing features that ensure tight integration and relationships with knowledge base articles, CMDB asset association, service requests, known problems, change requests, and service level agreements.

Ticket Generation

Tickets can be created and updated by email-to-ticket conversion, the customer service web-portal, or through technician Quick Ticket templates.

Ticket Prioritization

Help desk software by Web Help Desk® uses intelligent business logic to determine which technician is assigned to a new ticket. Create rules for ticket routing, link associated tickets and requests, assign sub-tickets, and manage tasks between multiple departments from hierarchical ticket links.

Custom Configuration

Web Help Desk makes it easy to meet your organization’s unique requirements. Custom forms, unique email templates, and workflow configurations are easy to modify with point and click, yet flexible enough to adhere to your unique operations.


  1. Dashboards

    Track performance in real-time. Manage the health of your team and identify trouble spots to discover unrealized efficiencies. Web Help Desk includes built-in, customizable dashboard reporting that keeps your finger on the team's pulse.

    Web Help Desk’s dashboard feature increases the visibility of real-time business operations for faster, more informed decisions that improve performance and efficiency. At-a-glance charting from your personal dashboard provides an instant visual overview as to your help desk's service request management across virtually any metric, reducing individual reporting needs.

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  2. Custom Web Forms

    Dynamic, custom forms push critical information to technicians from end users. Now you can create custom service request forms with unlimited fields. Web Help Desk offers dynamically displayed custom form elements based on end user's previously selected elements. This function creates an environment where critical data and information is PUSHED to the technician instead of the technician PULLING information from the end user.

  3. Action Rules

    Business based action rules increase your team’s efficiencies through automation. Web Help Desk Action Rules allow you to automatically assign a ticket, at any stage in life, to the individual IT staff or staff group needed to fulfill the service. Easy to configure cascading rules use criteria defined as granular or general depending on your needs. These requirements criteria may be based on virtually any ticket field — including your very own custom fields.

    Rule evaluation can be triggered at any stage of the ticket’s lifecycle, ranging from its creation to a basic update. The flexibility is yours. Automate IT service request management with Web Help Desk.

    Automated ticket updates may include:


    • Updated ticket assignment
    • Automated priority changes
    • Add approval requirements
    • Running multi-stage tasks
    • Modify ticket fields
    • Many more…

  4. Service Level Agreement ALERTS

    Prevent loss of customer satisfaction caused by missed SLA due dates. Web Help Desk ensures that Service Level Agreements stay on-track and in-line by keeping all of your technicians and clients up to date with configurable email alerts. All new tickets and ticket updates can be emailed to the appropriate recipients. Technicians and management can be alerted via email, and even SMS text messages, when jobs have been left unchecked, unassigned or incomplete for a specified time period.

  5. Performance Reporting

    Robust graphic performance reporting tools. As a help desk administrator, your job depends on managing end-user requests in a timely manner. With Web Help Desk's robust graphic reporting tools, you always know how your technicians are performing, which locations or customers are in need of extra assistance, real-time billing data, status of service requests, and what problem types are causing the most trouble. Take the pulse of your help desk in real time on the web or have reports delivered by email to the audience of your choice.

  6. Time & Materials

    Track labor, travel time, and deployed materials, then generate instant PDF quotes or invoices. Invoices can be downloaded by designated clients right from the web! Know your billing status in real-time with powerful reporting options, or download report results as Excel files for further manipulation for your accounting solution.

  7. Change Management

    Manage change control through automated approval work flow. The only constant in life is change, but constant change can be overwhelming. Track and automate your workflows with rule-based approval and voting functionality to ensure timely communication and fulfillment. Approving managers and Change Advisory Boards (CABs) can be chosen dynamically based on the requester's location, department and type of request.

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