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The Web Help Desk software provides management features to team leaders, supervisors, and other staff

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SLA management

SLA management

SLA auto-escalations and notifications help technicians to stay within the SLA. The flexible and extensible action rules allow your team to create automated escalations based on virtually any service ticket related field and SLA due date.

Time tracking is available throughout ticket life-cycle.

Whether your team is outlasting the SLA clock or awaiting an end-user’s response, Web Help Desk tracks service ticket lifespan from cradle to grave. Key performance indicators and custom reports allow you to pinpoint bottlenecks, promoting efficiency and automation.

As SLA breach times approach, Web Help Desk displays an efficiency-gaining queue to help prevent service requests from falling through the cracks. Custom color coding, a text alert feature, and ticket sorting helps ensure that your 'hottest' tickets get the attention they require.

Reminder notifications are delivered via SMS message, email, or visual queuing. Different reminder intervals may be configured based on the service ticket's SLA priority.

Reporting and monitoring

Reporting and monitoring

With the Web Help Desk software’s robust graphic reporting tools, you can easily monitor technician performance, customer support needs by location, real-time billing data, and incidence frequency. The survey module collects customer survey data from multiple survey types and subjects. You can then easily populate this data into graphical reports that uncover bottlenecks and customer dissatisfaction.

Select and schedule regular reports for automatic email delivery to supervisor, manager, technician, finance, and administrator users. Exporting allows report data to be “sliced and diced” in the method of your choice at your level of expertise.

The dashboard feature increases the visibility of real-time business operations for faster, more informed decisions to help improve performance and efficiency. At-a-glance charting provides an instant overview of your help desk's service fulfillment.

IT asset reporting provides powerful statistics and insights into asset usage, distribution across locations, warranty, service expirations, and purchase history.

Event-based task management

Event-based task management

A full workflow system can be based on tasks, including approval processes and conditional orders of elements. Tasks can even be pre-configured to auto-trigger on a specific ensuing date.

Create multi-element, event-based task workflows that can facilitate automatic ticket creation. A task contains one or more elements, each of which provides settings for a new ticket. When the task is run, a ticket is created for each element, either sequentially or all at once, depending on the task’s configuration. Tasks can be run manually or automatically at given intervals or based on specific criteria.

Easily collaborate with other staff. For problems and workflow that overlap between departments, tasks can be shared with a single click preference.

Schedule recurring tasks and help avoid tedious and time-consuming double work. Tasks can easily be scheduled to run on automated intervals including daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Use task elements to associate specific equipment that requires preventative maintenance, such as a furnace or A/C system that needs a tune up every six months. Link an auto-trigger task to these pieces of equipment for easy long-term auditing purposes.

Configure and customize Web Help Desk to fit your company processes and workflows in no time.

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