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  • Technician Note Editor

    Allocate work easily on a per-note and per-technician basis.

  • Email-to-Ticket Integration

    Complete billable time and other ticket updates via email, even without browser access.

  • Billing Rate and Terms Management

    Easily customize billing rates and terms from within the Ticket Details section.

  • Service Time Block Management

    Manage when support is offered to client locations with predefined service time blocks.

  • Searchable Inventory

    Use the front end interface to easily find parts based on number, model, and manufacturer.

  • Tax Code Configuration

    Apply tax rates to labor, travel, parts, and shipping, either before or after discounts.

  1. Technician Note Editor

    Easily allocate work time on a per-note and per-technician basis with the built-in Technician Note Editor. This makes billable time tracking easy when multiple technicians are working on the same issue. Individual notes can also be entered remotely via the Email-to-Ticket integration.

  2. Email-to-Ticket Integration

    Ensure Technicians can deliver all their support ticket updates remotely, even without browser or client access. Add billable time, update time utilization, and know that nothing was forgotten and every billable minute is tracked in Web Help Desk® software.

  3. Billing Rate and Terms Management

    Working on a problem, only to find another issue buried inside it? When adding notes and work time to tickets, technicians can quickly apply unique billing rates on a per-note basis inside the Technician Interface to handle any “surprises” that come up on a specific job. Customize your billing terms to cover the time scale most relevant to your operations: Net-30, Net-60, or a unique protocol you define.

  4. Service Time Block Management

    Help eliminate “rollover minutes” in your service plans. Designate service time blocks (in either minutes or points, your choice) for each client location. Pre-defined time blocks help manage service time more efficiently, while creating consistency in cash flow and the client’s budget.

  5. Searchable Inventory

    Lost inventory is a thing of the past with the searchable inventory feature. Keep assets organized and customers satisfied when employees can locate inventory quickly and easily.

  6. Tax Code Configuration

    Is shipping taxable in one location and not another? Need to add tax after discounts or before? Are some elements taxable while others are not? We’ve got you covered. Apply tax rates to labor, travel, parts, shipping, either before or after discounts.

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Fully functional for 14 days