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Change management is one of the key disciplines of IT service management which ensures a systematic and efficient approach to managing change in order to minimize the number and impact of any related incidents upon service. Changes to IT infrastructure can arise from various factors including hardware or software change, change in a process, change in technology, change in configuration, etc. The practice of change management ensures that standardized methods, processes and procedures are used for all changes, and facilitate efficient and prompt handling of changes, while maintaining proper balance between the need for change and the potential impact of the change.

IT change management software such as a help desk can simplify this process by providing customizable tools to manage change requests and change approvals.

Benefits of IT Change Management

Benefits of IT Change Management

Every service and support team, however big or small, should prepare themselves for a proper change management process. Some of the benefits of an effective change management strategy are as follows:

  • Helps you understand the characteristics of the change and prepare for it
  • Allows you to implement a process to navigate the required change
  • Brings clarity to why change is necessary and what it will achieve
  • Enables a clear and transparent approval process for the change
  • Controlled change implementation helps avoid service impact

Web Help Desk Simplifies IT Change Management

Web Help Desk Simplifies IT Change Management

Web Help Desk integrates robust IT ticketing with change management process. Offering simplicity and flexibility, Web Help Desk lets you manage change control through automated approval workflows.

  • Associate service request types with approval & change processes
  • Allow your end-users to select required approver(s)
  • Allow approval or denial of requests through the IT help desk Web interface & email
  • Automate prompt communication with approvers and help desk clients on the status of ticket approval
  • Auto-assign service requests to IT technicians once the required approval is made
  • Institute panel voting with members of a Change Advisory Board (CAB)

Web Help Desk is a comprehensive IT help desk and change management software that delivers a simple and automated process for managing and controlling change requests. You can customize change approval workflows varying from single approval to multiple approval levels. Web Help Desk notifies approvers via email and provides a quick Yes/No option for direct approval from email. You can also set up reminders for pending approvals. Web Help Desk lets you provide options for approvers to provide explanations for approving/denying a change request.

Automate Change Request Approval with Panel Voting

Automate Change Request Approval with Panel Voting

In addition to individual voting, Web Help Desk supports voting by panel. You can easily create your list of Change Advisory Board members and select a required approval level. This type of voting allows you meet a specific approval criteria (i.e. minimum number of approvals obtained) for change requests.

  • Designate Change Advisory Board members & select approval levels
  • Panel voting results determine automatic approval or rejection of service requests
  • Approving managers & CABs can be chosen dynamically based on the requester's location, department & type of request
  • Approval processes can be simple or complex as needed, from a one-step sign-off to multiple levels of succession
  • Configure panel voting even for single-step approval

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