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  1. Suggested FAQ Articles

    Reduce the number of in-bound customer support requests by automatically displaying self service knowledge base articles related to the type of service request. As clients enter their service request into the web portal, the Web Help Desk will display relevant knowledge base articles to promote self resolution. Centralize knowledge management with Web Help Desk.

  2. External

    Empower your community to easily seek, self serve, and vote on robust, rich text knowledge base articles. Sort your knowledge base into searchable silos of service, providing a conduit for clients to find important information and self resolution. A web accessible knowledge management solution gives your clients the means to be self sufficient, freeing more time for IT staff to tackle other challenges.


    The Web Help Desk Knowledge Base Management software provides functionality to broaden or restrict access to your internal knowledge base articles, away from your external customers and endusers. Internal, proprietary information can reside within a knowledge article accessible only to the group of technical staff that you grant to have visibility.

  3. Reduce Costs

    The cost per incident for a Self-Service resolution is less than half the cost of a walk-up or even a phone-in incident resolution.* Organizations and education institutions now have a cost-effective and secure way to manage a customizable range of common user problems in virtually any IT Department and non-IT Departments alike. Let Web Help Desk simplify knowledge management and reduce costs. * Source: Help Desk Institute, Practices and Salary Survey

  4. FAQ Hot Links

    Not THAT service request AGAIN! Yes, it is… Not a problem in Web Help Desk. Within a couple clicks, an IT agent can query a knowledge base article that resolves the request and injects a hot link to the FAQ right in the trouble ticket note.

    Article Submissions

    Demand driven knowledge base article submission. As IT agents notice repetitive service requests that require the same resolution path, they may submit a service request and its resolution to be reviewed and included into the knowledge base to share with all or a even a select and limited audience. The Knowledge Base Manager can review and update these unapproved knowledge base articles before posting them to the selected audience.

  5. Knowledge Imports

    There is no need to reinvent the wheel. If your organization already has a jumpstart on creating a knowledge base, or has purchased articles from a 3rd party, the Web Help Desk offers import utilities to assist in centralizing knowledge management and making your knowledge accessible through the Web Help Desk web portal.

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