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How to launch a Dameware Remote Session [2:22]

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Video Transcript

This video will show you how to initiate a Dameware remote control session from SolarWinds Web Help Desk.

Web Help Desk offers native integration with Dameware Remote Support and Dameware Mini Remote Control to launch remote sessions directly from the help desk tickets or the IT asset inventory. This allows you to simplify ticket resolution and troubleshooting from the Web Help Desk interface.

First, open the help desk ticket associated with the desktop, laptop or server that requires a remote session.

Now, go to the Asset Info tab, click on the Dameware icon to launch the remote session.

If you are initiating the remote session with a computer for the first time using Dameware, you will be prompted for host name and admin credentials.

Press the 'Connect' button.

If the details of the remote machine have already been saved in the Shared Host List of Dameware Mini Remote Control, the session will launch immediately. If the machine you are trying to access does not have the Dameware Mini Remote Control service installed, you will be prompted with the option to install it remotely during connection to Web Help Desk.

Dameware integration with Web Help Desk allows you to capture and save the remote session data including in-session chat history, session duration and screenshots to the help desk ticket. If the remote session is launched from the asset inventory, and not from a specific help desk ticket, then Dameware Remote Control allows the technician to either save the session data in a new ticket, or select an existing ticket within Web Help Desk.

When supporting end-users situated outside your firewall, you can leverage the Over-the-Internet remote connectivity option in Dameware to initiate the session. If connecting to a Linux or Mac computer, a connection is made via VNC.

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