How to Use Parent-Child Ticket Relationships in Web Help Desk

How to Use Parent-Child Ticket Relationships in Web Help Desk [4:36]

Learn more about Parent-Child Tickets in Web Help Desk. Watch a quick example of parent-child ticket feature in action.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Ryan Albert Donovan, Product Marketing Manager. This video will show you how to use the parent-child case linking feature in SolarWinds Web Help Desk software.

The use of parent-child Association helps to manage multiple tickets more efficiently. Whether you need to track a ticket where work needs to be performed by multiple departments or track the same issue for multiple customers, you can open a primary ticket known as the parent ticket, and then create or link secondary subordinates called child tickets. For example, if you get a service request to set up all the necessary items for a new hire, this requires work to be done separately by Human Resources, IT and other departments. In this situation, you can automate the creation of child tickets, for Human Resources, IT and other child tickets using Tasks and Action rules in Web Help Desk. The original ticket is marked as the parent ticket and once the child ticket or tickets are resolved, you can then close the parent ticket.

To automatically create child tickets you must first create a task.

Go to Setup.

Click on 'Tickets','Tasks.'

To create a new task, click 'New.'

Let's name this task "New Hire Task" and ensure it is shared.

Click 'Save.'

Click on the 'Task Elements' tab and add a new task element. This will be the first child case to be automatically created.

Select 'Link to Parent.' Let's set this to a 'IT General/Other' case, to purchase and configure the new hire's system with Microsoft Office.

You can inherit information from the parent case, as well as, append information to inherited fields.

Let’s add a few more task elements. For this example, we'll use Email/Outlook case to set up the new hire's mailbox. And the Facilities ticket to set up

the new hire's workspace. You can set up as many tasks as you desire.

When you have entered all tasks, click 'Done.'

Go to Processes, Action Rules.

Create a new action rule.

Give the rule a name and description.

Click on the 'Criteria' tab.

Set request type 'is new hire.'

Click on 'Action' and choose to 'Run Task' and select the task you previously created.

Click 'Save.'

Now, when a new hire ticket is created, three child tickets will also be created.

You can also create parent and child tickets for IT projects such as server migrations when multiple steps and stages are involved such as setting up a backup server, migrating services, shutting down the original server, disconnecting and moving the server, etc.

This can also help with troubleshooting by linking tickets that seem to be similar or may be caused by the same problem.

You can group these tickets together until you determine whether you can turn them into problems or incidents.

To link tickets, navigate to the ticket you wish to assign a parent ticket to in your Web Help Desk console.

Click on the 'Request' tab along the right side. Here you will be able to search for other tickets you wish to link based upon number, request type, status or contents.

Once you have set your criteria, click 'Search.' This will display a list that meets your criteria, allowing you to link the ticket you desire to the child ticket.

Click on 'Link' beside the desired ticket.

Once completed, click 'Save.'

You will now be able to see the status of the child tickets, client and request details, as well as, any notes that have occurred on the child tickets.