Introduction to Web Help Desk: Product Overview

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Web Help Desk

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Is your current help desk software cumbersome and time-consuming? If so, you need SolarWinds Web Help Desk, a web-based IT help desk and asset management solution that is simple, customizable and intuitive.

When you log in to Web Help Desk as the tech, you are presented with the dashboard view of the tickets that are assigned to you and their status. It is possible to be assigned to various tech groups, categorized by Request Types. Request Types and Tech Groups can be tailored to your environment. Tickets can be automatically generated from emails from any third-party monitoring tool and Web Help Desk provides native alert integration from SolarWinds monitoring products to include Network Performance Monitor, Server & Application Monitor and Network Configuration Manager.

Clicking on an individual ticket, you will see detailed information about this ticket like whether the ticket is for a problem, incident or request for service. You have the flexibility to change the Request Type if the user has selected the wrong category. And you know how often that happens!

The Notes section lets you interact with the user by adding a note regarding the solution or ticket progress, link to a knowledge base article if it's a known issue, attach files and set priorities. You can even list the resolution steps and create a new knowledge base article that will show up on the FAQ.

The end users interface is simple and uncluttered. Users will select a request type, pre-populated by your IT team. For example, if a user has a network issue and clicks on an IT request, they can see related sub-categories. Also, based on the request type selection, there is an FAQ that proactively lists possible solutions for the problem. This software is so flexible, even your HR or Finance departments can use it to streamline their request processes.

In addition to ticketing, Web Help Desk's asset management feature helps you keep track of software and hardware assets, and track software deployments. You can find assets with Web Help Desk's WMI auto-discovery feature. You can also import assets from many system management tools including SCCM, SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, LANsweeper and others.

As you can see, assets can be discovered from any source and data can be scheduled to import regularly or on-demand. To troubleshoot problems more quickly, you can view parent-child asset relationships.

End users are difficult. Web Help Desk makes it easy.