IT Change Management An effective ITIL change management process includes clear communication while improving service quality and consistency across operations

Streamline change execution

Streamline change execution

A complicated IT infrastructure can make it hard to pinpoint systems and employees that will be affected by changes. Ensure a more consolidated change execution by aligning your ITIL processes with applicable problems, releases, other changes, and your CMDB. When a change is happening, proactively get the information you need to understand if your involvement is required to ensure a change is successful.

Grow Historical Data

Grow Historical Data

There’s nothing harder than trying to remember what worked and what didn’t from the past. Track your changes, the root cause of them, and what action was taken from high level to low level and all the assets and incidents in between. By building your historical data, you are ensuring your team is continuously improving.

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  • Leverage a built-in help desk knowledge base to create and maintain KB articles and promote end-user self-service for common issues.

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