Release Management When, not if, changes happen, it’s critical to have a formalized ITIL release process to ensure changes are released on schedule. Reducing the impacts to employees in your organization means changes are implemented with maximum benefit and minimal disruption to their day-to-day jobs.

Streamline Deployment

Streamline Deployment

Ensure documentation and transparency with the organization and align with your CMDB for visibility into the impacted areas. Combine changes that relate to similar systems into a single release and streamline deployments to reduce the need for multiple outages.

Strategic Future Deployments

Strategic Future Deployments

It isn’t always about what you did right, but what went wrong? Documenting successes and sometimes failures enables you to understand opportunities for improvement and to ensure smoother and more strategic deployments in the future. And, with comprehensive audit logs, you can visualize any updates and approvals that are made during the release process.

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  • Automate user service request management from ticket creation, assignment, routing, and escalation.

  • Use built-in reports (or create your own) to track ticket status, technician performance, and customer support needs.

  • Leverage a built-in help desk knowledge base to create and maintain KB articles and promote end-user self-service for common issues.

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