Software Asset Management

Optimize your software asset inventory with Web Help Desk®

Software asset management is a systematic process of managing and optimizing software installed in your IT infrastructure. It is an integral part of a broader business discipline—IT asset management—where you manage software assets at all stages of their lifecycles from purchase to deployment, maintenance, usage, and decommissioning.

Benefits of software asset management

Software asset management serves different purposes in organizations depending on their IT infrastructure, software portfolio, business goals, user base, etc. Deploying a robust software asset management application helps you:

  • Control and optimize software procurement and maintenance costs.
  • Reduce legal risks and compliance issues.
  • Maximize the value of software assets.
  • Streamline and automate IT processes.
  • Improve end-user productivity and efficiency.

Optimize IT budget for software procurement and maintenance

Optimize IT budget for software procurement and maintenance

Software asset management helps you optimize software investments by effectively identifying your organization’s software needs. You can easily track down the number of software licenses consumed and the number of unused purchased licenses for more accurate IT forecasting and budgeting. You can also mitigate legal risks related to non-IT-approved software deployment, and adhere to software compliance regulations.

Centralize your IT inventory and asset tracking, and automate time-consuming manual IT asset management tasks with the help of software asset management.

How Web Help Desk can help

SolarWinds Web Help Desk is a robust, easy-to-use, and affordable help desk and IT asset management software that allows you to discover, manage, and track all your hardware and software assets. Using built-in Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Web Help Desk lets you automatically discover and capture all your Windows assets (desktops, servers, laptops, VMs, the peripherals, and the installed software) in your corporate network. Some of the key features of Web Help Desk include:

  • Scheduled and automated IT asset discovery.
  • Easy-to-use console for managing both hardware and software assets.
  • Asset-ticket mapping to easily track asset history and related service requests.
  • Auto alerts for software warranty and lease expiration.
  • Purchase order tracking and vendor information management.
  • Easy import of IT asset inventory from 3rd-party asset discovery tools and network management systems.

Looking for more? Upgrade to an ITIL-ready, service experience.

Try SolarWinds Service Desk for more functionality in asset and service management.

  • Full ITIL suite (incident, problem, change, release) paired with customizable automation

  • Automated asset discovery with integrated CMDB for real-time impact on technology and services

  • Powerful service catalog workflow engine and a user-friendly service portal

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