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Benefits of Incident Management Software

Benefits of Incident Management Software

Without the right incident management policies and systems in place, as the volume of service request increase, is not uncommon to see a down-turn in the quality of service provided. IT teams go into a “firefighting” mode, addressing what incidents they can, when they can. Your SLAs begin to suffer, and along with them, your end-users.

With the implementation of focused incident management policies, teamed with a robust incident management software you can simplify the entire lifecycle, from the incident creation and assignment, SLA monitoring, escalation and the association of incidents with problem tickets you will be well on your way to improved end-user care and overall issue and trend tracking. From one centralized location, you and your staff will be able to monitor and manage incident and problem tickets quickly and easily.

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Web Help Desk Simplifies Incident Management

Web Help Desk Simplifies Incident Management

Incident management software allows you set up parent-child relationship between incident and their associated problem tickets. When an incident ticket is opened, it can be tied to a related problem ticket. Once the problem ticket has been resolved and closed, related incident tickets close as well - automatically. The ability to treat and handle both incident and problem tickets differently, and is a key functionality of scalable incident management software. Furthermore, incident management software delivers flexible automation rules to allow IT technicians to simplify service request progression and management. Reducing considerably the time and effort support agents spend to manage incidents. Web Help Desk® is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use incident management system that enables IT pros to centralize, manage, optimize and monitor the entire service request fulfilment process – from ticket creation to resolution – and beyond!

  • Simplify service request, incident and problem management
  • Automate IT asset discovery, management and reporting
  • Create parent-child relationship between incidents and problem tickets
  • Alert and report on SLA timelines and ticket status
  • Intuitive reporting dashboards to monitor technician performance & track ticket status
  • Centralized Web-based interface provides single pane of glass for managing incident tickets.
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Looking for more? Upgrade to an ITIL-ready, service experience.

Try SolarWinds Service Desk for more functionality in asset and service management.

  • Full ITIL suite (incident, problem, change, release) paired with customizable automation

  • Automated asset discovery with integrated CMDB for real-time impact on technology and services

  • Powerful service catalog workflow engine and a user-friendly service portal

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